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January 9, 2013

Hand Dryer - SpacelinkAfter you take care of nature’s call in a bathroom, you wash your hands for personal hygiene. Ok, is it really over? You certainly did a great job by leaving your hands clean, yet they are still wet. Towels and tissues may come in handy, however, towels for everyone and tissues that leave crumbles? Thus, there exists a hand dryer. And Space Link, a Korean dryer maker, takes it to the next level.

Founded in 1997, Space Link is a leading company for the information & communication industry. Having gone through challenges and changes, the firm has been continuing its growth and is poised to redefine itself as one of global competitors. It main focus is leading the ever-changing IT industry and making a revolutionary breakthrough with R&D efforts. Main businesses areas are communication solutions, eco-friendly and hygiene area, system control software, etc.

Best described with “Speed, cost saving, hygiene, and sensuality,” Space Link’s Bio Jangpoong means convenience. This touch-free dryer with 3 infrared ray sensors is capable of self-diagnosis and never misses your hands’ movement with near-zero error margins. For safety, several functions are remindful as its automatic switch-off system triggers a total shut-down when over-heating takes place. In addition, electric shock prevention and power monitoring function assure it. More importantly, its 4-level filtering system is effectively preventing any harmful bacteria from propagating. Bio-Jangpoong’s dioxin-free clean air offers phytoncide (natural aroma) for your relaxation and refreshment. More information can be found at jangpoong.com.

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