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March 21, 2013


[INQ. NO. 1303C06] Hanssem is a major home interior furniture maker covering kitchen, interior, bathroom furniture, home office and living rooms in South Korea.

Hanssem which pioneered a new kitchen furniture culture in the domestic market by continuing to bring in kitchen furniture models that are suitable for Korean kitchens has lately introduced a high-end Kitchen furniture brand KITCHENBACH 3B, which stands for Best Kitchen, Best Design and Best Package. The name represents
the corporate philosophy – ‘World Best Quality Standard.’ The KITCHENBACH received the KIDP’s President Award from Good Design (GD) Awards that are given to products in recognition of the excellent design based on external appearance, function, materials, economic efficiency and more.

The KITCHENBACH 3B that received the grand prize is ‘emotion – oriented’ kitchen furniture by using the highest quality materials. The Characteristics of ITCHENBACH 3B are the satin white that is soft as ceramics and the aluminum bar that matches with the handless design. For the door surface of KITCHENBACH 3B Hanssem used PP (Polypropylene), which is a popular environmentally friendly substance in Europe because the surface strength is excellent, no discoloration, and toxin-free.

The natural wood with texture applied and sense of black-slate on the island plate are constructed with new method of environmentally friendly construction. The 3B has an automatic system and special storage that can be easily stored. Consumers can easily use the storage with the automatic touch open drawer and touch open flap that are on the storage.

KITCHENBACH also has a noise and impact-free hinge and intivo drawers devised to prevent stored items from falling off. For the tall cabinet, Hanssem applied a corner cabinet that has magic swing rotational accessories that can be easily stored, and a massive pantry that matches with Korean storage. For the wooden wall panel, Hanssem used a wooden pattern of LED panel that gives a lighting effect and provides convenience for accessory use.



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