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April 10, 2013

Laptop Cooling Stand[INQ. NO. 1304C05] Since the establishment in 1993, Actto Corporation  has specialized in developing,
manufacturing and wholesaling computer accessories to all over the world. It currently provides a wide range of products such as laptop stand, mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headset and so on. In particular, Actto’s primary item is laptop stand, which accounts for about 20% of the company’s sales revenues, leading the laptop stand market in Korea.
Laptop Cooling Stand with 4-Port USB Hub (NBS-07H) is one of the companys best-selling items. With the stand, you dont have to bend your back and neck when you use your laptop PC, making it easier and comfortable to concentrate on your task. Especially, the powerful 8cm cooling fan will cool off from the laptop heat. The stands 3-step foldable structure can be also easily adjusted to diverse angles for you so as to find the most comfortable posture.


Laptop Cooling Stand1Laptop Cooling Stand2Laptop Cooling Stand3


Laptop Cooling Stand with 4-Port USB Hub NBS-07H / NBS-07WH
– USB 2.0 4-Port HUB
– 1.56 inch at flat folding
– Adjustable angle and height
– Powerful 8cm cooling fan
– No external power supply required
– Load Capacity: 17 lbs
– Size: 310x300x39mm/ 1.9Kg


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