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July 31, 2013

201307C_Korean Ginseng

Daedong Korea Ginseng Co., Ltd. carefully manages and supervises the cultivation, purchase and manufacture of ginseng by establishing strict quality control and manufacturing systems such as GAP, GMP, ISO22000, and produces whole ginseng and processed products.

In addition, through continuous research and development in its own research institute, the company retains the technology of steaming ginseng using the elvan drying system, black ginseng manufacture technology of steaming and drying ginseng nine times, red ginseng extraction concentrating technology and fermented red ginseng concentrate manufacture technology through its new fusion extraction concentrating system.

Based on this technology and know-how in the field, Daedong supplies to local companies on an OEM or ODM basis, and exports products with its own brand to more than 10 countries worldwide. Daedong Korea’s ginseng is the ginseng with luggage tan or reddish brown color.

201307C_Korean Ginseng1

It is made by carefully selecting the undried ginseng and steaming it without peeling off the skin of the ginseng and then drying it. Daedong’s ginseng products are made through a process of washing, selecting, steaming, drying (drying with solar heat, drying with elvan), moistening, pressing and packaging of Korean ginseng.

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