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Stevia Sweetener | Korean Products

July 31, 2013

201307C_Stevia Sweetener Co., Ltd. is the No. 1 stevia sweetener manufacturer in South Korea, and has been reinforcing stevia technology and expertise for past 20 years. Approved usage of stevia since 1984, South Korea is currently one of the biggest stevia markets. DAEPYUNG is the leading stevia sweetener manufacturer in Korea, with a dominant market share of approximately 60%. Aside from our success in the domestic market, Daepyung is looking for new partners and customers to strengthen stevia global territories.

With our technical support based on 20 years of experience in the South Korean market, we will offer the highest quality product at competitive pricing. ‘Made in Korea’ and ‘long-run business growth and expansion’ can be your unique sales points. Food and beverage industry is paying keen attention to stevia sweetener for new business opportunities as well-being and natural sweetening solutions.

All-natural stevia sweetener has been approved in USA (2008), EU (2011), Canada (2012), and India (2013).

Main Products

– Steviol glycosides : Steviol glycosides is a natural sweetener that is extracted from Herbal stevia plant. Why natural stevia ? “zero calorie” , “all natural”, “up to 300 times sweeter than sugar”
– Licorice extract: Licorice extract is a natural additive that is extracted from wild licorice roots. Application products: soy sauce, seasoned products, sauces, dry seafood.
– Natural Table top sweetener “Sweepia”: Sweepia is cool and fresh sugar taste and sweetening 1/4 than sugar to all food. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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