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September 3, 2013


Established in 1992, it grew in leaps and bounds to achieve the five million dollar export mark in 1996. While achieving this mark, it launched its REISSA, Mighty-7, KENTEX and DYNAX brands.

For example the DYNAX brand boasts of abrasion-resistant fabric using high strength yarn.

After 1996, it continued its rapid development by introducing the SuperVapas, Leolan, FILLITE in 1999, the HIDURA and NYSPAN brand in 2000, the KENYSPAN and POWERSPAN brand in 2001 and the Mighty-cool brand in 2003.

Also in 1999, it surpassed the 10 million dollar mark by introducing the SuperVapas which is charcterized high quality waterproofing and moisture permeation.

In 2000, to meet ever-increasing demands, it expanded its factory along with the presentation of HIDURA with its high strength and natural material.

The KENYSPAN and POWERSPAN features high strength, abrasion-resistance and stretch fabric using Kevlar yarn. With such strides in growth, Young Poong needed a new head office because another hit product, the Might-cool increased the company size with its sweat-absorbing and quick-drying materials.

Other noted products are its Airshell, Reissa, Nyspan and the UTD brands. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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