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September 3, 2013

201309w_EO Dream is a unique company in that it is a socially-oriented firm comprised of mostly handicapped person but yet a venture company.

Aside from an impressive lineup of Jewelry, polymer, mold, DIY kit, biz handicraft, tourism products and others, it possesses the world’s best glue production technology.

Its products boast wide-ranged and clear colored selection, a free and rich presentation of accessories which are always safe and easily useable by anyone.

201309w_EO Dream1

Its tourist-centered products are unique in that they are based on Korea’s traditional culture and that of modern handicraft and through many exhibitions worldwide, it is moving rapidly toward a leading company in this area.

Since it has in-house capability to produce mold design, plated products and visual, it is able to produce goods that are tailor-ordered by the customer with materials like titanium, 316L stainless silver, tin and others.

Through such products, it is moving in leaps and bounds to become a leading company artistically and technically with a noble purpose of returning the profits back to society. EO, besides obtaining the ISO 9001, it also has various patents pending | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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