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Pearl-Made Pearl Necklace

DooYoung T&S Corporation-Pearl

  This collection is made of high quality artificial pearls made by hands. The everlasting shine and beauty of a new gem created by Pearlmade comes from the layers of natural stones (cats-eye and tiger-eye) nucleus with iridescent synthesised mother-of-pearl.…

Custom Jewelry (Brass & Silver)


  Inspired by three-petals and leaves, the necklace and earring jewelry set “Spring Garden” from Millennium Youngwoo features delicate and feminine mood, being emphasized with the middle point of marquise cut CZ leaves. The necklace features the natural triangle look…

Fine Jewelry


Established in 2003, Kumbuchia Co. is a jewelry company with ‘Inno-Biz’ certification, which refers to technologically innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Korea. The jewelry maker manufactures fine jewelry in Korea based on its corporate philosophy of serving customers…