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September 20, 2022[INQ. NO. 2209C52] Established in 2001, MK Jewelry Co., Ltd. are a jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer. Its main product is gold jewelry (10K/14K/18K) made of diamonds and CZ, which specializes in daily and casual fine jewelry.


MK Jewelry launched a diamond brand named D.ellin in 2018 and is recognized for its reasonable prices and excellent quality. It is currently consulting with many buyers from around the globe, including those from the USA, Japan, and China.


Illusion Series is made of diamonds and 14K or 18K gold. It is a diamond product that has cuts on the back to produce more sparkle and create the design, which could be plain but in some way, special. It has a strong presence despite its small size.



0.1 Carat Series, which was recently released, has at least a 0.1-carat diamond per piece. The product comes with an affordable price and a classy image at the same time. It was designed to help customers in the retail business with their marketing activities.



Plain Series, a steady seller, is a product that can be worn every day with its basic and simple design. It is light, with gold weight kept at a minimum, but comes in a three dimensional design. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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