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September 4, 2013

201309w_wonil’s history started in 1988 when it launched its food service business line. Since then, it has been active in areas like restaurants, café, bakeries, catering business, and distribution of food supplies with products like pizza and chicken.

Its manufacturing business includes ramen, and customized products (extracts, functional materials). For its retail business, it is involved with hypermarket, CVS, and supermarket chains.

In particular, it presents a lineup of sauce/dressing for Western and Japanese dishes as well as for Korean and Chinese foods. Its dressings are sold to various retail outlets.

Its seasoning/premix products are used for snacks and ramen soups with premixes distributed through its retail network. Its herbs/flavored oil/extracts are used for ramen, processed meat and syrup.

For its food service/manufacturing consulting, it provides products like decoration sauce, topping seasoning and pizza sauce.

Similarly it supplies chicken materials (seasoned chicken sauce), food materials for restaurants (liquid smoke), fast food materials (sandwich and burger sauces) and retail instant cook, raw materials for meal service and ramen soup (condiments/seasonings for simple instant cooking). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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