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September 4, 2013

201309w_Ilhae Corporation1 in the island of Jeju, Illhae Corp., focuses on producing fruit and vegetable products based purely on Jeju’s indigenous goods.

Starting from 2001, Illae was successful in producing foreign drink brands using Jeju’s citrus especially to Japan.

Its main lineup is the citrus juice made in 15 delicate processes including purchasing of citrus, input of citrus, steaming process, and others. Another product is the carrot juice.

These products are particularly low in unhealthy contents like lead, cadmium and tin. Illae also has another lineup focusing on dried food like citruis, Kimchi and vegetables.

201309w_Ilhae Corporation

They use the advanced balanced chamber dry(BCD) system which enables its high quality. In particular, the products are safe by going through a 100% hygienic process, contributes to beauty and health by containing 100g of healthy content and tastes good with its sour, sweet and fresh taste based on three times the natural sugar content than that of the normal product.

And Illae guarantees that no coloring, preservative or artificial additives are added. Ilhae’s Kimchi has the advantage of being clean and odorlessly packed. For its vegetables, it uses a system characterized by strong evaporation, high-quality drying, and energy-efficient. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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