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October 21, 2013

Hongsam Myeongju

[INQ. NO. 1310C17]Nature & Ginseng used to manufacture and distribute hongsam (red ginseng) drinks and pills. However, there were already a lot of hongsam products on the market, and customers preferred brand products. To overcome this issue, the hongsam company has worked hard to develop red-ginseng wine ‘Hongsam Myeongju,’ which is made of fermented hongsam. Because hongsam is fermented using particular microbes which can effectively break down saponin, healthy ingredients such as saponin can easily be absorbed.
Hongsam Myeongju allows the great ingredients of hongsam to be effectively absorbed by the human body through fermentation. We have come up with this product to help customers enjoy liquor and stay healthy at the same time.
Hongsam Myeongju is absorbed very fast and accelerates blood circulation. Therefore, if you have a glass of this liquor at your meal, it will be great for your health.

Main Characteristics
* Fermented hongsam is ONLY used without the addition of any artificial additives and ethanol.
* Fast absorption regardless of constitution
* Absorbed and removed fast * No hangover * No digestive problems
* Promotion of blood circulation and immune functions * Unnecessary to take other hongsam products


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