Child Gymnastic Furniture

Child Gymnastic Furniture[INQ. NO. 1312C11] As a leading child gymnastic furniture brand in Korea, Alzipmat specializes in designing and manufacturing indoor gymnastic furniture, which is designed to help children develop their physical strength.

The main export items include Color Folder, Bumper Poom and Guard Castle. In particular, Alzipmat’s Color Folder is designed to make better use of space by its easy transformation into multiple play structures such as couch, play mat, play partition and play tunnel. All these products are carefully designed by using safe and environmental-friendly materials that have passed OECO100 test, the strict European textile standard. Alzipmat also guarantees its inner cushion materials as toxic-free and highly elastic PE Foam that is eco-friendly manufactured and is safe from harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptor.

By implementing heat adhesive method instead of chemical adhesive method, Alzipmat products do not smell of chemical material and is naturally safe. Thanks to the multi-layer cushions and patented unique structure called egg plate-shape, Alzipmat also works as an excellent shock absorber and a comfortable cushion, protecting children from injury. The egg plate-shape structure makes Alzipmat the contact area minimized and the shock and noise distributed evenly, providing optimum protection against shock and noise. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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