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December 11, 2013

Wireless Keyboard[INQ. NO. 1312C37] xion design, one of seasoned industrial design companies in South Korea, has launched keyboard case for iPad under its own brand “podopod,” drawing good responses from consumers.

The keyboard case for iPad presents a whole new paradigm that sets apart from traditional Bluetooth keyboards. Most of all, the podopod keyboard case for iPad is an all-in-one cover, stand and keyboard for iPad, unlike the existing products that focus simply on standing and use of keyboard of iPad separately.

Stand and Case for iPad
With the podopod keyboard case, you can use your iPad as like a lightweight and fashionable netbook, let alone enhanced portability. The integral iPad cover is made by using polycarbonate which is well-known for its lightweight and shock-resistant qualities. In addition, the entire surface is finished with soft-feeling urethane by SF coating method to make the surface scratch-resistant and offer great grip feeling.

Another outstanding feature is that this keyboard applies a separable stand which allows people to use the keyboard and iPad independently. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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