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January 16, 2014

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http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1401C30] Through years of research and testing, HK Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jaebong) has lately introduced a new total solution for the skin and beauty care called “Beauty Life (model name: HK-1004),” which can take care of the whole-body and abdominal obesity care, skin care and health care.

With the combination of Oriental medicine and Western medical sciences, it provides a one-stop solution to pain relief as well as a slim body and skincare.

Beauty Care3The medical equipment enables the wavelengths of ultrasound waves, low-frequency and middle-to-low frequency similar to bioelectric currents in all living organisms and nature to deeply penetrate through the skin, to relieve muscular pains caused by stresses and pollution and to stimulate the central nervous system, resulting in the activation of skin tissues.

The cutting-edge comprehensive body care system is being highly praised by dermatologists, Oriental medical doctors, physical therapists and obesity care experts. With the device, people can take care of their health and skin while watching TV in the place as well.

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HK Co., Ltd. is engaged in producing and marketing its self-developed health careand medical equipment worldwide. Since its establishment in 1993, HK has been developing new products to meet the needs of its customers through continuous R&D to open new horizons in the medical equipment industry. Among other main technologies, there is a PHE regenerative ceramic made from the hexagonal energy of Hiranya (H) and advanced technology of HK (NT=Nanotechnology) that maximizes the effect of far-infrared radiation.

‘VARONA’ ceramic healthcare mat, which combines the PHE ceramic, thermal heat, low frequency and various functions, is medical equipment that eases muscle pain and improves blood circulation.

Building on its own technology and years of experience in the field, it has come up with a range of products such as ceramic-based healthcare goods, alkali ionizer, massage chair, heated couch, charcoal bed and other medical equipment, which are committed to excellence in quality and service.

The R&D team of HK Co., Ltd. has continuously strived to develop medical devices by combining the principles of Eastern medical science with the most upto-date technologies of Western medical science.
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