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HK’s medical mattress basically contains six types of special minerals inside the mattress that emit negative ions and far-infrared rays in large quantities. These minerals are well known for relieving fatigue and helping blood circulation; and also the medical mattress is designed in a hexagonal shape to avoid damage from other substances

Beauty and Health Care System enhancing the Quality of Life

The High-Tech Total Beauty Care Solution for whole-body and abdominal obesity care enable skin care and health care just with a single step. This solution enables the wavelengths of ultrasound waves, low-frequency and middle-to-low frequency similar to bioelectric currents in all living organisms and nature to deep penetrate through the skin, to relieve

Healthcare Bed & Pillows

HK was established in 1993 with the purpose of providing superior medical equipment not only to Korea but to the world. Through its 17 years of experience, consistent production ability, technical skills and research, it has fulfilled these purposes. Some outstanding skills it has mastered