HK’s medical mattress basically contains six types of special minerals inside the mattress that emit negative ions and far-infrared rays in large quantities. These minerals are well known for relieving fatigue and helping blood circulation; and also the medical mattress is designed in a hexagonal shape to avoid damage from other substances by not allowing them to enter between the gaps. Effects of far-infrared radiation
Overcomes obesity
It effectively breaks down fat cells without any side effects, leaving no marks on one’s body.

Skin care
It gets rid of pimples and spots as well as bodily odor and delays skin-aging by vitalizing the biological tissues.

Prevents adult diseases and relieves stress
It releases heavy metals, excess salt, especially urea and carbon dioxide that accumulates in our bodies. As such, it decreases the burden on kidneys and livers. As a result, it not only prevents adult diseases but also controls stress and cramps.

Improves wound recovery process and immune system
It is especially effective for skin ailments as it boosts the immune system and the speed of wound recovery.

Improves blood circulation and constitution
As it reduces blood clotting within the blood vessels and promotes blood circulation, it cleanses the blood, and manages pH-levels by alkalizing the blood constitution



About the Company

HK was founded in 1993. With mega-production and technological capabilities, HK has contributed to the domestic industry producing medical devices for home-use through domestic OEM, export, and technology support. The HK R&D team has based its studies on nature and then developing natural healing and treatment methods. Through many years of research and experiments, the team worked on improving the efficacy of Oriental medicine and combined with the most advanced technology of Western medicine, they focused on developing technology for advanced medical devices. The HK R&D team also introduced the nano method and applied nano technology in maximizing anions and improving the penetration of far-infrared rays. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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