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February 3, 2014


EXCO harnesses the success of the 2013 World Energy Congress to make the 2015 World Water Forum another successful event. Recently many corporate meetings and public exhibitions were held at EXCO.

EXCO, Korea’s first regional exhibition and convention center will harness the success of the 2013 World Energy Congress (WEC) to make the 2015 World Water Forum another successful event.

EXCO is growing into a leading Asian exhibition and convention center through the attraction of largescale international conventions such as the 2013 World Energy Congress (WEC) and the 2015 World Water Forum, the promotion of its convention attraction activities such as the internationalization of industrial shows and public exhibitions and the generation of profits for four consecutive years.

Last year, EXCO successfully served as the venue for the WEC with the participation of 7,500 energy industry leaders and specialists from 120 countries. The congress was the largest-ever with the participation of 272 speakers from 73 countries. As many as 263 companies from 23 countries such as Aramco of Saudi Arabia and Siemens from Germany set up about 1,000 booths, while a total of 30,000 people visited the event. EXCO perfectly supported the WEC as the largest event since its opening in 2001. EXCO helped the WEC make its presence felt by fulfilling its responsibility as PEO (professional exhibition organizer) and the venue provider for the WEC.

EXCO’s strategy is to serve as the venue for the 2015 World Water Forum based on its rich experience in successfully making the WEC a huge success. At the same time, EXCO is planning to grow into a leading Asian exhibition and convention center through Daegu which has enhanced its image as a convention city. It is evaluated that EXCO has been achieving economy of scale thanks to international events such as the 2013 World Energy Congress and the 2015 World Water Forum, the rapid growth of public exhibitions, the colocation of similar events and the promotion of the attraction of exhibitions from the Seoul metropolitan area.

EXCO is enhancing the possibilities of its success as a regional exhibition and convention while generating profits since 2010. EXCO has been generating profits for four consecutive years by again posting 21.7 billion won in sales and 300 million won in net income in 2013. EXCO was used as the venue in 2013 for 51 exhibitions (15 shows of its own planning, 36 shows that it attracted), 47 corporate meetings, 29 academic symposiums and 36 concerts and 805 general meetings. Thus, EXCO provided its service for a total of 917 events.


Promotion of Attraction of Exhibitions from Seoul Metropolitan Area

Since the expansion of EXCO, one notable change has been to attract more exhibitions from the Seoul metropolitan area. It is evaluated that EXCO has expanded the attraction of external event organizers by inducing the Korea International Livestock EXPO, the Home Table Deco, the Kyunghyang Housing Fair, the Water Korea and the Korea Creative Challenge Festival since then.

In addition, exhibition organizers in Daegu developed new exhibitions such as the Coffee and Cafe’ EXPO and the Kids EXPO, varying EXCO’s events and programs.

Last year, the International Green Energy EXPO became a new member of the GSA (Global Solar Alliance), an international body of leading exhibitions by continents in the industrial exhibition sector where EXCO is a leader. The International Green Energy EXPO will enter its 11th year in 2014. The EXPO became an exhibition that represents Asia in the GSA that consists of five exhibitions in Italy, the USA, China, Korea and India. It is expected that the EXPO’s size will increase on the strength of a recovery in the solar power market and investment in the solar and wind power generation markets by Korea’s neighboring countries.

The International Water Forum and Daegu’s policies to promote a water cluster are making EXCO specialized in the new and renewable energy sources and water industry sectors such as serving the Water EXPO Korea twice.


Staying Strong in the Corporate Meetings Sector

EXCO is gaining ground in the corporate meetings sector as well. The number of meeting rooms at EXCO has increased to 34 and an auditorium has been built since its expansion in May 2011. This fact contributed to an increase in corporate meetings, seminars and events at EXCO. Daegu is centrally located in the nation and features good transportation conditions such as roads and air travel services. This makes Daegu popular among companies with nationwide networks.

“An increase in public exhibitions and corporate meetings following the internationalization of industrial shows at EXCO is a good sign for EXCO as a large convention center in a big city,” said Park Jongman, the CEO of EXCO. “We will focus on advancing as a leading Asian exhibition and convention center by utilizing effects from serving mammoth-sized international conferences such as the World Water Forum, internationalizing our own exhibitions and promoting external exhibitions and international meetings.”

EXCO’s cutting-edge facilities, capable of handling exhibitions and conventions of any sizes, offering a premier quality experience

EXCO offers cutting-edge facilities that can handle exhibition and conventions of any size, including events of a global scale, complemented by an unmatched level of professional attention. These assets guarantee that any exhibition or convention will be a success. Since the opening of New EXCO in 2011, EXCO has become the ideal venue for any size of exhibitions and conventions.

– Exhibitions Halls : 23,000m2(indoor), 4,000m2(outdoor) / 15,000m2 on a single floor
– Meeting Rooms : up to 34 rooms with 3,100 seats (classroom type)
– Auditorium : 1,600 seats (theater seating)

These facilities make it possible to hold two or three major international events concurrently. It is expected to perfectly host global-scale events such as the 2013 World Energy Congress and 2015 World Water Forum, etc. These mega events will inspire the hollding of even more conventions and are expected to transform EXCO and ensure recognition of the city of Daegu as a truly global convntion city.

One of EXCO’s distinctive places is Sky Garden where Korean style VIP room is located. The place enjoyed great favor among business tycoons for business meetings during the World Energy Congress.

▶Major Exhibitions in 2014

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