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February 19, 2014

Suncheon BaySuncheon Bay, land of vitality and embraced by nature!

Located in Suncheon city of South Jeolla Province, Suncheon Bay is a popular tourist attraction famous for having the largest reed fields in South Korea and also being on the migration path of rare birds from throughout the world.

It is also a home to a countless number of plants and animals. Patches of silver grass, asters, and seepweeds (Suaeda japonica Makino) can be easily found within the region. Rare birds and natural monuments, such as the hooded cranes, white-naped cranes, storks, and black-faced spoonbills inhabit the region. In addition, over 140 different species of birds, including longbills, mallards, shelducks, and wild geese live within the region, making Suncheon Bay one of the richest natural habitats in the world. The Suncheon Bay has been registered as one of five coastal wetlands protected by the Ramsar Convention in 2006.

The vast mud flats near Waon-maeul of Sangnae-ri Haeryong-myeon are also a popular site for tourists and photographers because of its breathtaking scenery at sunset. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the bay by taking the ferry from Daedae port at sunset. Travelers can also walk along the reed fields to the low mountain of Yongsan to enjoy the wetland at its best. From the lookout on the mountain, visitors have a bird-eye view of the field of reeds and the coastal scenery.
Other well-known tourist sites near the bay are Nakan-Eupseong, Songgwansa Temple and Seongamas Temple.

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Nakan-Eupseong (Folk Village): Composed of the clustering of strawthatched cottages with yellow pumpkins on top of the roofs with smoke rising from their chimneys, this village is very cozy. This village welcomes new visitors who can feel at home.

Songgwangsa (Temple): As one of the three well-known temples of Triratna, Songgwangsa Temple, located at the foot of Mt. Jogyesan, has preserved Korean Buddhism. About 16 of the nation’s most revered priests had resided in this temple.

Seonamsa (Temple): The architecture of Seonamsa Temple makes the best possible use of its surroundings. The arched Seungseongyo Bridge (Treasure No. 400) built over the winding stream leads you to the courtyard of Seonamsa, which is one of the three most beautiful temple buildings in the southern part of Korea, along with Unamsa and Yongamsa Temple.

Transportation: From Suncheon Bus Terminal, take Bus 67 or a taxi to the festival venue (20min). * Bus 67 schedule: 20-30min intervals | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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