Anti-bedsore Alternating Air Mattress

Alternating Air Mattress

Alternating Air Mattress[INQ. NO. 1405C01] YH Medical Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing antibedsore alternating air mattresses for 27 years since its beginning in 1988.

Although the Korean company is small in business volume, it has the biggest market share in the alternating air mattress field in Korea. About 20,000 units of alternating air mattress are sold annually. Total sales volume reaches more than 300,000 units of 40 different models since the company’s launch.

The alternating air mattress (YH-0102/0103/0103A) provides variable pressure setting for added patient comfort, and the advanced pump technology alternately inflates and deflates pad air cells. The mattress also has anti-bacterial treatment. And the numerous low air loss laser holes on mattress provide excellent ventilation and keep patients dry from humidity (YH-0103/0103A only).

It is an economical, cost-saving alternating pressure relief mattress. This model has been manufactured and sold for 27 years since the first production in 1988, one of the longest produced models among the company’s products.

Main features of YH-0102/0103/0103A
– 10 minutes cycle time (alternating time: 5 minutes) – Low noise (≤35db)
– Dimensions: 2,300mm (L) x 840mm (W)(not inflated) – Power supply: 220VAC, 60Hz. 5.7W
– Illuminated ON/OFF switch – Built-in bracket allows for pump to be mounted on either end of the bed
– Bubble-pad design provides superior therapeutic treatment – One-year manufacture’s warranty | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods