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May 15, 2014

korea_3Icheon haIcheon has long-standing tradition and history in ceramic arts of Korea, and the ICHEON Ceramic Festival has been established as one of the biggest ceramic culture festivals in the country, where people can appreciate a variety of Korean finest ceramics.

The 28th ICHEON Ceramic Festival 2014 has been taking place from April 25 to May 18 at Icheon Seolbong Park, and visitors will be able to enjoy diverse performances including ocarina cafe show, calligraphy performance, and ceramic pilgrimage.

Organizers have also prepared specialized events that will make people be fully immersed in the charm of ceramics. For instance, Ceramic Master Exhibition presents a grand variation created by tradition and experimentation, and Interlocal Workshop where overseas ceramic artists can be met.

In addition, Ceramics Market is a place in which 132 representative ceramics studios of Icheon are gathered to offer high quality ceramics at great prices.

Furthermore, the ceramic festival has prepared entertaining experiences that can be enjoyed by families such as Clay Experience and Raku Firing which allow visitors to become a daily potter, direct Clay Animation Experience, Ceramic Bell Hanging on Singing Tree to make wishes, Ceramic Carnation, Bracelet with Beads, and Doll Coloring.

korea_4The ICHEON Ceramic Festival 2014 features a wide variety programs for visitors including the followings:

Ceramic Master Exhibition is a space to get immersed in luxurious ceramics of masters who openly cross the boundary between tradition and modernity. People can appreciate the works created by fingertips of master potters who stood against clay and fire for long time.

Calligraphy Path: Plate calligraphy demonstration and special exhibition are held by 50 invited calligraphers of Korea. Walk along the beautiful path made of ceramics and calligraphy. You can see a feast of calligraphies at every place you look.

Interlocal Workshop: The festival organizers invited potters from ceramic cities that belong to the interlocal network such as China, Japan, US and Italy to provide an opportunity for tourists to peek into the present state of ceramic culture.

Clay Experience: Through this event, you can make your own pottery! Use a spinning wheel to make a bowl with clay and paint color on the object to become a daily potter.

Ceramic Market: Ceramic Market is participated by 132 ceramics studios of Icheon and ceramic cities of the interlocal network. Appreciate different themes and shopping experiences with a docent.

For more information contact to 2014 Icheon Ceramic Festival Committee (http://www.ceramic.or.kr).

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