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Nam Kwang Traditional Sea Laver rich in nutrients | Korean Products

Nam Kwang Traditional Sea Laver rich in nutrients

Sea laver is one of the most popular product enjoyed by Koreans and also purchased from foreigners in their visit to Korea. Seaweed and laver, manufactured with specialized know-how for the last 30 years by Nam Kwang Foods, is rich in nutrients, especially in Vitamin B. Traditional Sea Laver is made by roasting after seasoning with sesame oil, perilla oil and corn oil, and basically produced through 5 processes of purchasing the raw laver, screening and drying, seasoning and roasting, cutting, packaging and inspection, storing and shipping of the finished product. Nam Kwang Foods is based in the harbor city of Busan, and through the proud 30 years of history, the company manufacture tasty and high-quality products. Nam Kwang Foods strictly select the screened raw laver and dry under close supervision. All processes of manufacture are processed under many decades of know-how and specialty. Products are not only supplied to the Korean military, but also to foreign countries such as Japan, Russia and China.

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