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Body Vibration Machine using Sonic Wave to improve Human Health | Korean Products

November 5, 2014


SONIX WBV is the integrated sonic wave system, which is a full-body workout machine, and the most advanced sonic wave therapy system using the Sonic World’s unique electromagnetic technology and the principle of sound speakers. Unlike the way of creating complex vibration by rotating the existing motor fast, SONIX wave full-body workout machine is the most advanced science to deliver to the human body by generating precise sonic wave of infrasound. is the world’s first equipment optimized for the principle of vibration to resolve the problems with noise and component wear that motor way has had. It provides enjoyment along with a fantastic feeling of Sonic Wave passed on whole body. In addition, it is a very effective high-tech equipment to enable full-body workout and intensive exercise for each part in an upright position using a frequency of 3 ~ 50Hz. Non-arbitrary sonic wave exercise can further increase maximum strength by over 30% if combined with the existing weight training, training time can be shortened by 85% reduction, and it can prevent injuries that may occur during exercise.

SONIX-WBVFor busy modern people, it provides the best workout effect to exercise 10 minutes at a time. Depending on the user’s physical condition and other conditions, the intensity of the frequency can be controlled to make self-paced movement possible, and it can be used widely from children to professional athletes. It can be used for a variety of purposes in various fields such as health, beauty, medical treatment, professional sports and etc.

More Details

  • Model : VM10/VH11/VC12/VP13C/VT14/VG14
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Sonic World was established in 2010, beginning from the creation of the SONIX WBV and acquiring the patent. Sonic World is working to add value to human life for health and happiness of mankind by innovative challenges and efforts as motives of harmony between human and nature. Products developed and manufactured by the company are distributed worldwide, to countries such as USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Span, Swiss, and other countries.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • The R&D Center of Sonic World is focusing continuous research and development for the core technology of sonic wave. Also, the R&D center is developing new systems and products for not only the sonic wave, but also for the healthcare units and medical devices.
  • Sonic World acquired numerous certifications including the ISO 13485, CE, and the electrical appliances safety certification. Also, the products are registered in US FDA, and patents were registered and acquired, such as the dual-control sonic whole-body vibration system and the patent on the plate-type sonic whole body vibration system.
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