Wet Tissues & Cosmetics

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

[INQ. NO. 1507C32] GL Company Co., Ltd. has been constantly growing into a small but strong enterprise in the world market since it was founded in 2010 with the slogan of providing the best quality, eco-friendliness and customer satisfaction.

https://korean-products.com/inquiry The company focused on wet tissues for babies in the early stage of its business, and it has successfully expanded the business into cosmetics and liquid detergent.

In a bid to better cater to market demands, GL Company Co., Ltd. has lately completed a new factory that has a floor space of 3,471 square meters with 14,876 square meters of land for facilities in Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk in South Korea. At the new factory that maintains high quality standards as strict as GMP (good manufacturing practice), GL Company Co., Ltd. produces its main brands such as Mom’s Love, The Su, Bijou and BeBePoPo. And various beauty-care items such as cleansing tissues, mask packs and basic make-ups are due to be mass-produced soon.

GL Company Co., Ltd. devotes its efforts to providing top-quality products that can realize customer satisfaction. On the basis of technical expertise and constant PR activities in major international fairs, the enterprise is eagerly advancing into overseas markets this year.


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