Korean Ginseng Berry Extract “Ginseng Khan”

Employing a patented production method, ginseng berries are extracted and turned into a concentrated form and liquor density is even. Compared to roots and red ginseng, ginseng berry contains 15 times more saponin. For making the Ginseng Khan, ginseng berries collected from over 4 years old ginseng planted in a pollution-free area are used. The bitt er taste, unique in ginseng fruits, is reduced while giving comfortable drinking feeling. The Ginseng Khan was awarded a gold prize in the ‘Korea International Women’s Invention Exhibition’ and the Minister’s Prize from the ‘Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,’ being approved for the quality.

Korean-Ginseng-Berry-Extract-“Ginseng-Khan” http://korean-products.com/inquiry Since its establishment in 2002, Korea Genetic Pharm Co., Ltd. has produced cosmetics and various health foods utilizing patented fermentation technology. These products are supplied both domestically and overseas. Based on ingredients such as placenta, peptide and natural vegetable concentrates, the company provides a wide range of its own cosmetic brands including Diorzen, Diatoks,Neoria, Hominigen and Veldes series through pharmacies, hospitals and on-line markets. Korea Genetic Pharm also developed traditional fermented foods like cheonggukjang; specialized fermented health-foods including fermented ginseng fruits, garlic and various medicinal herbs; and fermented health drinks using placenta as major ingredient. The company also provides OEM and ODM services.

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