Organic Snacks for Children

[INQ. NO. 1511C10] Tium International is a Korean snack manufacturer and exporter which has introduced actively organic snacks to foreign markets and domestic markets. Made with healthy and natural ingredients such as organic brown rice, Tium International’s main products include i Snack, Kimstar and Natt o Choco.

Organic-Snacks-for-Children Among them, the i Snack is Tium’s flagship product. For infants and children, its main ingredient is brown rice cultivated without using agricultural chemicals. This non-oil processed snack is made by using all natural ingredients such as spinach, strawberry, yogurt and cheese. The snack is produced through a puffing method in which high temperature and high pressure are applied instead of frying. The method allows the taste and nutrition of the ingredients to be maintained while also making the snack low in calories. What’s more, some powder of cheonggukjang (Korean fast-fermented soybean paste) is added to the snack to facilitate digestive absorption of the product by infants and children.

Organic-Snacks-for-Children_1 Natto Choco is chocolate-coated balls of freeze-dried fermented soybeans (cheonggukjang beans). The healthy chocolate balls come in three flavors: original (chocolate), blueberry, and strawberry.

Kimstar is a seaweed snack made with Korean seaweed, which is rich in minerals, vitamins, and dietary fi bers. The main ingredients are seaweed, glutinous rice paste, and sesame oil. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods