Cho-Co-Pong –Dang & White Old-Fashion

D&B established in 1998 continues today producing numerous types of doughnuts and freshly baked bread with the responsibly sourced ingredients, fully automatic and cutting-edge production facilities.

Our factory designed under HACCP standard and all of our products meet strict food safety standards equivalent to all around the world. Our development team is striving to upgrade the quality and new product development.

Two different types of doughnuts will be introduced

Firstly, Cho-Co Pong-Dang. (Chocolate Plop)!!

A soft chocolate cake doughnut half-glazed with dark chocolate and decorated with some white chocolate. This doughnut is a great pair with a cup of coffee, which bring consumer overwhelm the delicate and rich taste of the chocolate and doughnut.
Secondly, White Old-Fashion Doughnut!!

Old-Fashion Doughnut half-coated with white chocolate on the crispy outer layer. To enjoy this doughnut, we found that the doughnut has a crispy surface and a pleasant white chocolate that is stronger than the coffee flavour. Therefore, a cup of espresso will deliver smooth and rich flavours.

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