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White you Gold Briefs Diaper

This product is designed to fit the shape for patients very comfortable, and has even large amounts of urine with powerful absorbent product. Absorber layer is constructed from skin trouble and strong honeycomb embossing. Rapid absorption of urine helps prevent from skin trouble and strong honeycomb

Cookware and kitchen products has good qualities

MooAh Networks was established in 2012, has been tried to inventing and manufacturing kitchen products and cookwares which is related intimate to people’s lifestyle. 3 years later, we finally have various categories of kitchen products. out company is introducing good qualities cooker, skillets, pot and table ware under its ‘HITTEN’ brand

SAON Clothes Rack

Our SAON S-Line Clothes rack which compenstates the defect of regular clothes racks occupies small space with a beautiful design comparing other products. Because it is made of steel for the most of

Sports Fitness Accessories

Growth plate is safely stimulated by jumping rope on EASY10 that protects growth plate with higher elasticity of EASY10 against the impacts of Up and Down movement. it is promotive of growth hormone to help the growth. EASY10 is a unique equipment comparing with other products which is hard to use and has a crude design. EASY10 is a home fitness

Mathos Loreley Folding Bath

A 100% domestically-manufactured authentic product!  Much more sufficient size! It is a new concept of folding baby bathtub that keeps and use folding the bathtub by simple manipulation! Amazing space application shows to advantage “Fold and unfold!’ A new concept baby bathtub。Do you still…


An idiomatic Design ◎ This product is made of three-dimensional Shopping bag. ◎ It costs the buyer up to the sector of Charater can put in the Character. ◎ Add Charater to highlight his charming visual advertising can increase the effectiveness…

Secondhuz Seed Heat Pack & Pillows

Established Feb.2013, “Second Huz” has been fastly growing up with the vision of New Frontier of Premium Healing Products. We manufacture and distriblute “Bio Seed Heat Packs, Hinoki Leaf Pillows, etc” mainly via online shopping.
We would like to expand our business worldwide.
“New Name in Premium Healing Goods, Second Huz”

Handbag OEM

Our company was founded in Jun. 2009 designated by Korean Health &Welfare ministry as Social responsible company. Our workers are ‘Handicapped people’, ‘North korean defectors’ and other social-weaks. and they are very skillful with long term field experience. So, we…

Submersible Pump

Features of Poonglim pump
The structure open impeller stainless steel products with excellent precision casting durability.Because it uses, foreign matter is a significant intrusion also, between the casing and impeller.To be discharged is automatically ground, failure due to foreign matter