White you Gold Briefs Diaper

This product is designed to fit the shape for patients very https://korean-products.com/inquirycomfortable, and has even large amounts of urine with powerful absorbent product. Absorber layer is constructed from skin trouble and strong honeycomb embossing. Rapid absorption of urine helps prevent from skin trouble and strong honeycomb embossing will be minimized the state of agglomeration of wet fluff pulp. In addition, Soft Leakage Flaps guard against side leakage for comfortable protection.

CLOTH-LIKE fabric is such as cloth and waterproof membrane back seat softness. Fluff Pulp is usded only natural pulp and is harmless to the human body.People can identify Urine markings with wetness indicator.

2000Brand name: WHITE YOU GOLD (Medium)

Size:630mm(W) X 830mm(L)

Weight:125gram ± 5gram/pc

Waist Size: 71cm ~ 112cm

Packaging: 10pcs / Bag, 8 Bags / Carton


Attached function :

➢ Double Fastening tape on Frontal Patch2001

➢ Wetness Indicator

➢ Standing Dual Cuff

➢ Elastic Leg Gather

➢ The Function of Excellent Rewet

➢ Honeycomb Embossing

➢ CLOTH-LIKE fabric

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Happylock Vacuum packaging machines!

Vacuum Packing and Vacuum Packing Materials

Vacuum packing uses the vacuum packing machine and appropriate packing bag to absorb the air, and packing is made to prevent the external air to penetrate inside. The ordinary packing cannot block off the air, the major cause of food decay, and it is difficult to maintain freshness and long-term storage for unable to maintain the vacuum condition. In order to improve it, the company has been actively undertaken the R&D in various ways with the importanece placed on packing method and packing papers, and ad one of the methods, the advance countries have been facilitating the products as essential products in kitchen use.

Save Money! https://korean-products.com/inquiry

Buy lump and split into daily uses in vacuum.

Pack left-over in vacuum bag in refrigerator or freezer to protect original flavor, taste and nutrients.

Protect environment by reducing food-wastes.

500Save Space!

Save space and organize the inner space of refrigerator or freezer by vacuum-packed foods thanks to reduced volume.

Even at cafeteria, customers shall be happy to have hygienic vacuum packed foods.

Save Time!

freezer without any deterioration original flavor. taste and nutrients.

Enjoy Sous-vide by cooking vacuum-packed foods in boiling water.

Re-heat the vacuum-packed food in microwave oven for quick dining.

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Cookware and kitchen products has good qualities

MooAh Networks was established in 2012, has been tried to inventing and manufacturing kitchen products and cookwares which is related intimate to people’s lifestyle. 3 years later, we finally have various categories of kitchen products. out company is introducing good qualities cooker, skillets, pot and table ware under its ‘HITTEN’ brand name.

firstly explain about the pressure cooker, The entire pot is made of 3-ply structure and excellent in heat transfer and heat preservation. as using this, Reduces cooking time and fuel costs by transferring heat quickly and evenly, It’s made of stainless steel which makes it hygienic and easy to clean. Applied high technology to improve functionality as well as enhance design and durability. Moreover, we adopt 5 steps safety system to use it safely.https://korean-products.com/inquiry

secondly, explain about the skillets are made by various coating method. it has Features as follows, excellent heat efficiency with a 100% die-casting method. Special coating ensures excellent durability and resistance to scratches and abrasion. Minimizes nutritional destruction by shortening cooking time with high heat conductivity. Consistent heat conductivity and high heat efficiency using high-grade aluminum. then, It’s made of us FDA approved coating materials that do not contain lead or cadmium.

Lastly, We are trying to supply high qualities products to follow our final goal like this catch phrase ‘Safe foods from safe Kitchen utensils’

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Founded in 1984, Hanbit Korea Co. https://korean-products.com/inquiryLTD has been manufacturing soaps & cosmetics for 30 years.  60% of the entire Korean domestic market soaps were created and manufactured by Hanbit Korea Co. LTD.  With the invention of the world’s first Bamboo Soap in 1984, Hanbit Korea has focused on creating functional cosmetics through applied herbal ingredients, fermentation, science and medicinal formulation.

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SAON Clothes Rack

Our SAON S-Line Clothes rack which https://korean-products.com/inquirycompenstates the defect of regular clothes racks occupies small space with a beautiful design comparing other products. Because it is made of steel for the most of the part, it is durable. (It can hold the weight of 50Kgs). Moreover, S-line design is not only a good for interior design but it also shows what clothes are on the rack at a glance. We also have different kinds of clothes racks including wall type clothes rack which you can lean it against the wall. If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate asking us.

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Sports Fitness Accessories

160Growth plate is safely stimulated by jumping rope on EASY10 that protects growth plate with higher elasticity of EASY10 against the impacts of Up and Down movement. it is promotive of growth hormone to help the growth. EASY10 is a unique equipment comparing with other products which is hard to use and has a crude design. EASY10 is a home fitness equipment that has multi-functions like as aerobic exercise, strength muscle and stretching. and it also has higher effect to reduce the noise through floor. In the result of noises test by national official authorities, 66db(doing exercise on a floor at home) goes down to 37db(with EASY10, doing exercise indoors).it is quiet like as being in a library. Everybody can enjoy exercises anytime and anyplace with EASY10 that absorbs shocks and reduces the noise through floor by spring balls and dual shock absorbers(air bumper, cushion pad). Jump rope is the best exercise for loss fat and weight. EASY10 helps to do exercises for People like as women hesitating https://korean-products.com/inquiryto do jump rope by self-conscious, Fathers being needed to do exercise, Children being worry about noise through floor and old parents who feel difficult to go out for exercise. Regardless of ages, gender and weather, all of whole family can easily do joyfully exercise with EASY10. Connecting the tubing jump rope to the body, it is possible to do walking, running, jumping, strength muscle and stretching. Regardless of weather, place, season and time, it is able to be used anyplace and anytime. EASY10 has functions to protect joints and muscle on our body by higher elasticity of EASY10. it is easy and convenient to be used by even a beginner. It is not necessary to assemble and install item separately and no need Electric power. so everybody can use EASY10 easily and it’s also economical.


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Mathos Loreley Folding Bath

A 100% domestically-manufactured authentic product! https://korean-products.com/inquiry Much more sufficient size! It is a new concept of folding baby bathtub that keeps and use folding the bathtub by simple manipulation! Amazing space application shows to advantage “Fold and unfold!’ A new concept baby bathtub。Do you still use the bathtub that occupies space?‘A hang-on-the-wall design’ Keeping got easier! As a ‘hang-on-the-wall’ bathtub that can hang and store on a place such as towel-hanger, shower curtain bar etc after use, it is a design to help facilitate space application and drying as well. There is a space to put shower supplies. It is a design that contained true heart of Mathos Loreley which considers not only comfortable bath of baby but also convenience of mammy. 150No more of cumbersome thermometer ‘Temperature sensing sensor’ Check at a glance by change of silicone color。Below 37℃

At the temperature below 37℃, the overflow silicone has its own color. It means that water is not yet warm enough to bathe a baby. Over 37℃ Once the temperature reaches over 37℃, the color of the overflow silicone turns white slowly. It is a signal that has become a temperature exactly good to bathe a baby. Makes our baby’s happy bathing time more comfortable and happier!

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Hard/Soft case for Luggage, Vintage style case

Company Introduction

EDDAS is a specialized Living goods manufacturer that develops products that are suited to various types of travels. Additionally, we develop and support new growth engines such as leisure and cushion goods in addition to living goods. As our major brands, we have domestically launched EDDAS and ETHOS, which are sophisticated and personalized goods.


  • Exhibit Item




Item Description

No need to worry about any damage caused by impact from outside https://korean-products.com/inquiry because of protection against impact from its edge. – 4 wheels revolving 360o made from polyurethane which cause less noise to make it possible to move more easily and quietly. – Extendable, duel zipper which allows it to hold plenty of luggage. – Provides sufficient storage space because it is made up of X-belt and duel zipper in the inside of the bag. – Strong carrier handle: Strong handle which is easy to carry anytime and anywhere in width and length.

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Special Feature of Hanaliving Index Cutting board(PE/PP).

To prevent cross contamination of different cooking ingredients, we offer 2 separate boards that cater to different types of ingredients.

The storage case can hold the knife and scissors. https://korean-products.com/inquiry

High density polypropylene makes the board durable and hygienic, with its ability to repel colors and smells from sticking to the board.

Anti-slip tags that are attached to the bottom of the board which makes it convenient for use on various surfaces.

The grooves around the side of the board help prevent liquids from flowing onto the kitchen surface.

The surface of the board is designed to minimize the cutting noise and dents from the knives.

The surface of the cutting board being embossed and being processed, the food has become difficult to slide.

The anti-bacterial effect of the cutting board continues semipermanently.

No chemical additives are used in the production process so you can be assured that no harmful chemicals will be transferred to the food.

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Spiderloc Dual Vacuum Suction System

100Good Sense has been leading Dual Vacuum Suction System & wire product business to the world wide with unique technology, design and ideas since year 2004.

Our dual vacuum suction system “Spiderloc”, which is world patented, is famous for not only strong adhesion and reliability but also for the ability to use uneven surfaces https://korean-products.com/inquiry

New concept of suction plate clearly solving the problems with storage in living space (espically bathroom and kitchen).

The world’s first double vacuum suction system allows for easier life in your home decoration, even curved surfaces.

www.spiderloc.co.kr www.spiderock.com

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