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Vacuum Packing and Vacuum Packing Materials

Vacuum packing uses the vacuum packing machine and appropriate packing bag to absorb the air, and packing is made to prevent the external air to penetrate inside. The ordinary packing cannot block off the air, the major cause of food decay, and it is difficult to maintain freshness and long-term storage for unable to maintain the vacuum condition. In order to improve it, the company has been actively undertaken the R&D in various ways with the importanece placed on packing method and packing papers, and ad one of the methods, the advance countries have been facilitating the products as essential products in kitchen use.

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Buy lump and split into daily uses in vacuum.

Pack left-over in vacuum bag in refrigerator or freezer to protect original flavor, taste and nutrients.

Protect environment by reducing food-wastes.

Save Space!

Save space and organize the inner space of refrigerator or freezer by vacuum-packed foods thanks to reduced volume.

Even at cafeteria, customers shall be happy to have hygienic vacuum packed foods.

Save Time!

freezer without any deterioration original flavor. taste and nutrients.

Enjoy Sous-vide by cooking vacuum-packed foods in boiling water.

Re-heat the vacuum-packed food in microwave oven for quick dining.

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