Mathos Loreley Folding Bath

A 100% domestically-manufactured authentic product! Much more sufficient size! It is a new concept of folding baby bathtub that keeps and use folding the bathtub by simple manipulation! Amazing space application shows to advantage “Fold and unfold!’ A new concept baby bathtub。Do you still use the bathtub that occupies space?‘A hang-on-the-wall design’ Keeping got easier! As a ‘hang-on-the-wall’ bathtub that can hang and store on a place such as towel-hanger, shower curtain bar etc after use, it is a design to help facilitate space application and drying as well. There is a space to put shower supplies. It is a design that contained true heart of Mathos Loreley which considers not only comfortable bath of baby but also convenience of mammy. 150No more of cumbersome thermometer ‘Temperature sensing sensor’ Check at a glance by change of silicone color。Below 37℃

At the temperature below 37℃, the overflow silicone has its own color. It means that water is not yet warm enough to bathe a baby. Over 37℃ Once the temperature reaches over 37℃, the color of the overflow silicone turns white slowly. It is a signal that has become a temperature exactly good to bathe a baby. Makes our baby’s happy bathing time more comfortable and happier! | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods