[INQ. NO. 1511C03] Since its founding in 1986, Cheongwoo Confectionery Co., Ltd. has been committed to developing providing high-quality confectioneries. As one of the major confectionery companies in Korea, Cheongwoo manufactures a wide variety of biscuits, snacks and candies and supplies them to clients at home and aboard. the management philosophy of making reliable quality the first priority, Cheongwoo became the first Korean confectionery company to acquire GMP certification in 2006 and has obtained the HACCP certification of the Korea Food and Drug Administration in 2015.

The following are Mini Chochochip Cookie, Sesame Stick Biscuit, Bronoir (brownie chocó chip cookie), Honey Star (honey butter snack), Grandshell Cookie Apple, Chocolate Rice Cake Cookie, YUCA Chip (cassava chip), Baby Fren Cheese and Blueberry Candy in a clockwise direction.

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