Sap Patches

[INQ. NO. 1603C13] Outstanding Features of KJI Sap Patches: The sap patches are an easy-to-use healthcare product that provides various benefits-elimination of body wastes, blood circulation improvement and fatigue recovery without side effectssimply by applying the sap patches to the bottom of your feet. feet are called the “second heart” as they are the reflective zones of our body and there are many capillary vessels, autonomic nerves as well as meridian points on the sole. Attaching sap patches to the feet is the application of acupuncture and
moxibustion of Chinese medicine. KJI Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed sap patches that emit far infrared ray by adding rare earth metals, which are drawing enthusiastic responses from overseas buyers. Manufacturing process:
When wood is heated in a charcoal kiln, tree extract produced through pyrolysis
is vaporized and emitted along with white gases.
Through a series of processes, condensing, rapid cooling down and refining, a dark liquid called wood vinegar can beUntitled-19
extracted. If the natural wood vinegar, extracted from oak trees or bamboo, is combined with various health-promoting
ingredients, and is wrapped in non-woven fabric, sap patches designed to easily apply to one’s body can be produced. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods