Missing Child Prevention Bracelet

[INQ.  NO. 1603C23]  https://korean-products.com/inquiryKIDMIA is a product intended to prevent children in a crowded area from being separated and lost from parents or people accompanying them through a smartphone App alarm based on Bluetooth. When a child wearing KIDMIA is separated  within its “missing  child prevention zone” (5m to 50m, depending on s e t d i s ta n c e ) from an adult with the smartphone app, KIDMIA automatically sends out an instant alarm.

Similarly, if there is no movement from a child wearing the product for more than two minutes, KIDMIA detects it and notifies it to the smartphone App as well. In addition, the device provides bidirectional calling (by pressing the nose of characters) — between smartphone App and the device — function so that a child can ask for a help for people with the smartphone App. With lovely characters such as a cat, a puppy and a bear, it is made with silicon, safe to the skin. And the band-type device easily winds itself around the user’s wrist when being tapped slightly.

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