Cosmobeauty Seoul 2017 31st Seoul International Cosmetics & Beauty Expo, also known as Cosmobeauty Seoul, is going to be held on April 27 to 29, 2017 at COEX hall A-C, Seoul, Korea. Founded in 1987, Cosmobeauty Seoul represents the Korean cosmetics & beauty industry and is the most renowned exhibition of its kind in terms of size and history of exhibition organizing history
It has been selected as a promising exhibition by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for seven consecutive times since 2009 for the first time in the cosmetics and beauty sector in Korea.
Since the Cosmobeauty Seoul and Beauty Industry Fair and the Int’l Health Industry Expo were held at the same time with the motto ‘Healthy Beauty’ in 2014, Health & Beauty Week has grown to become Korea’s largest expo in the personal care industry by merging with the International Organic Industry Expo 2015. The Health & Beauty week has been held once each year since 1987.
In 2016 expo grew by about 20% compared to the previous year. K-Beauty and K-Health which are setting a global trend, in particular, have gained more than US$73 million in consultation with over 2,100 overseas buyers from 30 countries, including China, Southeast Asia, and the United States.
Cosmobeauty Seoul 2017 will be a bridgehead for SMEs seeking to enter the global market and is expected to become the center of the Korean personal care market as a partner for successful business. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods