New Concept Nail Polish[INQ. NO. 1705C74] OOTT, launched by MOSTEVE in 2016, is a comprehensive nail polish brand that minimizes damage to nails while retaining the sustainability and color strength of pre-existing gel nails. OOTT stands for “Cosmetic of Today.”
The first-launched OOTT Exciting Solar Policy enables natural drying without lamps, minimizing damage to nails and hands. This product is more consistent and glossier than other nail polishes while its drying time is within two minutes, which is five times faster than its counterparts. Its glosses and colors are more expressive and it can be removed at once by using a normal remover whereas other products require longer than ten minutes for a removal offering excellent convenience.
In addition, OOTT Exciting Solar Policy’s quick-dry function offers the further advantage that one can make one’s own stickers to apply to the nails by using the nail design mat, stencil, stamp, etc. This new concept polish provides nourishment to the nails while reducing damage to nails through its essence pool base containing nutrients.
Beauty Bloggers using OOTT’s Exciting Solar Policy commented, “It’s a great way of artistic expression with the nail design mat when I self-nail.” “I always found using gel nails and soaking-off tedious. This one is convenient because I can erase and re-do it right away if I don’t like it,” “I like the base a lot since it contains the nutrient ingredients.” “It is pretty good that I can now take care of my nails without having to use the nutrients and the base separately.” Meanwhile, the praise continues.
An OOTT representative explained, “We’ve developed this product for the benefit of self-nailers striving to make self-nailing easier and fast. We are going to further add color cosmetics to our portfolio in order to grow into a brand that appeals to women in their 20s.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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