Bravo Gyeongnam Expo 2017 additional promotion halls to be newly installed will display a much greater variety of exhibits

Bravo Gyeongnam Expo 2017, the exhibition for specialties in Gyeongnam Province, will be held at Changwon Convention Center(CECO) from November 16 to 19 over a scheduled period of four days.
This year’s exhibition, which will be held for the 11th time, is expected to exhibit more diverse items than previous ones, owing to the promotion halls for two fields that have been newly established this year. In the whole exhibition scale, it was expanded to 320 companies with 500 booths, from 304 companies with 445 booths last year.
In order to widely promote the value of Korea’s specialties including Gyeongnam’s to overseas countries and help territorial cultivation of the exhibiting companies as well as the domestic territorial cultivation of them, 1:1 matching consultation will be held for actual expansion of exports by inviting over 30 buyers from 10 countries around the world.
In this Brave Gyeongnam Expo, which is also the marketing site for specialty industries, with the largest scale in Gyeongnam Province, exhibits will include the representative agricultural/livestock/marine/forest products, herbal tea, medicinal plants, health food, handcrafts, traditional alcoholic drinks, Gyeongnam 6th industrial products, the products of information-oriented villages, etc. of the 18 cities and counties (gun). The excellent specialties from other regions will be exhibited with more enhanced contents.
It has a distinct characteristics of arranging booth sizes diversely by the main fields while allocating them with a sense of balance for domestic visitors and overseas buyers, and the booth allocation is expected to be as follows: – 270 booths for the enterprises located in Gyeongnam Province; 57 booths for special promotion hall for Gyeongnam; 15 booths for excellent specialties from other cities/provinces; 20 new booths for Kimjang (Kimchi-making for winter) & incidental industries; 10 booths for overseas promotion/products; 20 new booths for promotion of local representative foods; 28 booths for special invited exhibitions; and 80 booths for additional facilities.
During the exhibition period, the programs people can participate in and intermingle will be strengthened, and provide various attractions where domestic & overseas visitors to the exhibition can experience the attraction of Gyeongnam. On the permanent stage in the exhibition hall, the traditional cultural performances and audience-participating events will be held at various times, and a Kimjang event for helping unfortunate neighbors, 2017 eco-friendly∧nationally certified agricultural-food masterpiece contest, Gyeongnam traditional alcoholic drinks festival, etc. will be held as the main additional events, and it will be reborn as a participatory exhibition reflecting the five senses of Gyeongnam. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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