Herbal Cosmetics


Containing Sang-Hwang Mushrooms


A Herbal Cosmetic Brand Containing Certified Organic Ingredient Cultivated Sang-Hwang Mushrooms

Established in 2002, SOOSUL Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has been researching the unique Sang-Hwang mushroom components and its extracts for 15-years. In respect of these activities, the company has acquired a variety of patents for anti-acne, anti-aging, and whitening effects of its products – the extracts of mushroom cultivated organically grown in Korea.
SOOSUL Cosmetics was selected by the government as one of the leading companies in recognition of its innovative R&D capabilities. It has conducted the government’s strategic task to develop traditional Korean herbal components. Through persistent R&D efforts, the company has developed and utilized SangHwang mushroom along with more than ten Korean natural herbs extracts as main components to produce SOOSUL skin care products. It has distributors in more than 15 countries and seven branches in foreign markets. SOOSUL Cosmetics has developed its “SOOSUL Whitening Sleeping Pack” through two years of investment as a 2009 SME R&D project supported by the Small & Medium Business Administration.


KFDA Certified Functional Cosmetics with Whitening Effects

SOOSUL Whitening Sleeping Pack contains 3% pesticidefree organic Phellinus linteus mushroom [Certified Organic Number: 16-04-3-05] using supercritical fluid extraction, which is the world’s first technology for extracting the active compounds of Phellinus linteus mushroom. This technology has global patent pending status in various countries including China.
The Whitening Sleeping Pack contains not only SangHwang mushroom extract, but also more than 10 Korean natural herbal extracts as main components. It contains 3% highly concentrated Sang-hwang mushroom extract by using the supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) method, and KFDA -certified functional cosmetics with whitening effects. Sanghwang mushroom and mulberry tree bark extracts help brighten the skin as hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan with exceptional moisturizing effects supply moisture that can be lacking overnight.
SOOSUL Basic Skin Care Line is focused on anti-aging effects by using the Sang-Hwang mushroom extracts by the fermentation method. SOOSUL Whitening Skin Care Line is focused on whitening effects with Sang-Hwang mushroom extracts by applying the supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) method. SOOSUL Silver Line, developed through joint research with SNU College of Medicine, is focused on its excellent moisturizing effects.

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