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Health Drink

[INQ. NO. 1805C17] Wellfarm Co., Ltd. is a professional Korean manufacturer of health drinks. Equipped with advanced production facilities, the company produces many different Korean beverages, such as health drinks, fresh juices, and concentrated fruit juices to suit consumers’ changing…

Herbal Cosmetics

Containing Sang-Hwang Mushrooms
A Herbal Cosmetic Brand Containing Certified Organic Ingredient Cultivated Sang-Hwang Mushrooms
Established in 2002, SOOSUL Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has been researching the unique Sang-Hwang mushroom components and its extracts for

Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea

  Mulberry tree leaves are used to feed silkworms. People in some Asian countries use the leaves for many years as a herbal medicine to remove excessive heat and toxins from the body. Being rich in iron, protein, essential amino…

Healthy Snacks

These days many people are concerned about junk food addiction and various ailments associated with the consumption of unhealthful foodstuffs that contain lots of fat, sugar and chemical additives. With a business model founded on the idea of introducing wholesome…