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September 1, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2008C25] Blue Sky and Muge Land, Gumge are environmentally friendly organic fertilizers having the highest guaranteed ingredient ratio in Korea, and obtained over 30 reputable certifications, produced in the Youngcheon 2nd factory where mass-production is possible thanks to constructing the nation’s first fully automated smart factory.
Especially, Blue Sky and Muge Land are good quality organic fertilizers produced in pellet style by importing raw materials from throughout the world and enable environmentally friendly agriculture for all kinds of crops.

For Blue Sky, the guaranteed ingredient ratio of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and kali is 5:4:2 but the actual ingredient ratio is 6:6:3, so no chemical fertilizer is required and the growth of crops can be expedited with small amounts only. Muge Land is made of vegetable raw materials only and its guaranteed ingredient ratio is highly maintained as 5:2:1 which is top-ranked in Korea, and it is very popular overseas considering the price.
Muge Industrial Co., Ltd. is the only Korean organic fertilizer producer importing raw materials from around the world, mixing them and manufacturing the products. The company supplies the best quality fertilizers to farms, exports to other countries, and leads environmentally friendly agriculture by using good quality materials based on ISO9001 and 14001 in its Seongju 1st factory and Youngcheon 2nd factory.
Production of top-quality fertilizer is made possible through the company’s own research institute, and now the company is exporting its products to Cambodia and Vietnam through customized export fertilizer production. More exports are expected in future to agricultural countries throughout the world and focusing initially on exporting to Southeast Asia including Thailand and Myanmar. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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