Skin Care Products

Containing Natural Ingredients & Deep Sea Water

Once upon a time there was a woman with extremely sensitive skin, suff ering from skin problems even by using mild cosmetics. However, nowell-known skin care product could resolve her skin problems. Travelling around the globe, she searched and tested the mildest cosmetics with the best ingredients. She eventually developed and introduced Kicho, a hypoallergenic cosmetic made from safe material with minimal harmful chemicals.
DOOYEON produces cosmetics in Korea’s largest CHMP cosmetics manufacturing facility with the aim to protect nature and the environment, and to provide cosmetics harmless to the human body. It has conducted tests and management of the safety of its products with reliable inspection agencies. DOOYEON signed an export contract with SASA cosmetics, the largest beauty drug store in Asia, and currently sells brushes and brush cleaners as well as KICHO showrooms in all of the 25 SASA stores in Singapore and successfully entered the Whole Foods Market with excellent design, quality, and credit.


Cover and Moisturize Your Skin at Once!

KICHO Aroha Glow Cushion Factor is a cushioning essence that helps to moisturize the skin with its peony extract and lanolin ingredients, and to brighten the skin tone.


Sun Cream awith Absorption & Long Persistency

KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream is a mild sunscreen that protects the skin exposed to intense UV rays (UVA and UVB simultaneously) outdoors, and presents a soft, moist, and fresh feel. Once the refreshing moist cream is applied to the skin, it provides the skin with softness, and with no stickiness.


A Secret Recipe to Brighten Your Skin While Sleeping

The black ginseng used in the KICHO Camellia Sleeping Pack Set goes through steam fermentation no less than nine times. The more steamed is saponin, the active ingredient of ginseng, the better it is absorbed by the cells. It is assured that all of the remaining pesticide residues that may remain in ginseng are eliminated during the repeated fermentations. KICHO Camellia Mask Pack’s black ginseng ingredients are effective as a remedy for skin diseases such as atopy, dermatitis, and hair loss, as well as effective for recovery after plastic surgery. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods