Skin Care Products 2016, Bio-S Co., Ltd. released a skin toning cosmetics solution based on the new self-created concept of biomimetic water and added ingredients to keep skin temperature low along with glutathione, borfiline, cordyceps, etc. Some of these products contain gold dust to make them more effective for cleansing and wrinkle improvement. Currently, BioSu supplies products to Shinsegae’s Boots Myeongdong as well as several offline stores and online channels. Unlike other cosmetics, Bio-S’s products contain bio-mimic water made from components similar to body fluids instead of purified water.


Bio Gold Skin Essence

Containing biocompatible water, a skin-friendly moisturizing ingredient, it is similar to the moisture that constitutes the skin. So, it is absorbed quickly by the skin and gives deep moisturizing without any feeling of tightness. The luxurious texture of Bio Gold skin Essence containing real gold dust enables a smooth application and provides a refreshing finish with no oiliness. It is available for all ages and all skin types.


Smart Recovery Cream (Botox Cream)

The bourgeirin and adenosine developed by Serderma, a global active ingredient supplier in France, help to improve wrinkles and elasticity in the skin while Niacin amide and algae extracts help to brighten the skin tone. By applying a dual moisturizing system, it provides the best doublemoisturizing effect through the latest DDS technology, and the polymer network forms the moisture supplying membrane, maximizing moisture retention with powerful moisture capturing ability.
Fructan, a high molecular polysaccharide present in natural plants, increases the moisture retention of the skin and the Lotus Flower Callus Extract protects and keeps the skin healthy.

Whitening EX Cream (Glutathione Whitening Cream)

This special care item is a concentrated skin cream that provides a luxurious feel inside and outside of the skin. Its tight and close-to-touch texture offers richness and controls the dry inside of the skin.
The ingredients from seven organic plants grown in the Valais mountains of Switz erland contain a complex that brightens and invigorates the skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Skin Care Products & Lipsticks[INQ. NO. 1710C25] Celranico Co., Ltd. is a Korean cosmetics manufacturer that creates products with excellent quality at reasonable prices under the motto of “Back to Basics, Just Concentrate on Ingredients” rather than fancy packaging. Its main products include skin care products and lipsticks. In particular, the company launched CHIC lipsticks this year that are loved by customers. Its packaging in luxurious gold color that makes one want to hoard every tube, and its hydrating and healing effects truly make it a must-have product!
Introduced at Cosmoprof North America 2017 in Las Vegas, CHIC Matt & Moist Lipstick, its new release in 2017, attracted many buyers receiving praise for the excellent color formulations, staying power, and highly affordable prices.
CHIC comes in 11 trendy colors. The colors are high in pigment over one layer and long lasting, with a velvety-matte finish. It can be applied smoothly and gives an elegant color without leaving the lips parched. Made from moisturizing ingredients including vegetable oil extract from chamomile flowers, olives, avocados, rose hip, jojoba, sodium hylauronate, and shea butter, this high-end lipstick features golden chic designs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Skin Care Products

Containing Natural Ingredients & Deep Sea Water

Once upon a time there was a woman with extremely sensitive skin, suff ering from skin problems even by using mild cosmetics. However, nowell-known skin care product could resolve her skin problems. Travelling around the globe, she searched and tested the mildest cosmetics with the best ingredients. She eventually developed and introduced Kicho, a hypoallergenic cosmetic made from safe material with minimal harmful chemicals.
DOOYEON produces cosmetics in Korea’s largest CHMP cosmetics manufacturing facility with the aim to protect nature and the environment, and to provide cosmetics harmless to the human body. It has conducted tests and management of the safety of its products with reliable inspection agencies. DOOYEON signed an export contract with SASA cosmetics, the largest beauty drug store in Asia, and currently sells brushes and brush cleaners as well as KICHO showrooms in all of the 25 SASA stores in Singapore and successfully entered the Whole Foods Market with excellent design, quality, and credit.


Cover and Moisturize Your Skin at Once!

KICHO Aroha Glow Cushion Factor is a cushioning essence that helps to moisturize the skin with its peony extract and lanolin ingredients, and to brighten the skin tone.


Sun Cream awith Absorption & Long Persistency

KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream is a mild sunscreen that protects the skin exposed to intense UV rays (UVA and UVB simultaneously) outdoors, and presents a soft, moist, and fresh feel. Once the refreshing moist cream is applied to the skin, it provides the skin with softness, and with no stickiness.


A Secret Recipe to Brighten Your Skin While Sleeping

The black ginseng used in the KICHO Camellia Sleeping Pack Set goes through steam fermentation no less than nine times. The more steamed is saponin, the active ingredient of ginseng, the better it is absorbed by the cells. It is assured that all of the remaining pesticide residues that may remain in ginseng are eliminated during the repeated fermentations. KICHO Camellia Mask Pack’s black ginseng ingredients are effective as a remedy for skin diseases such as atopy, dermatitis, and hair loss, as well as effective for recovery after plastic surgery. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Skin Care Products

[INQ. NO. 1412C41] People use various kinds of skin care products to enhance their beauty. However, skin starts to suffer from the results of unhealthy diets based on instant food and so called luxury skin care brands. This is because of chemical ingredients in instant food and cosmetics such as artificial fragrance.

Skin-Care-Products Co., Ltd. ( is committed to helping people satisfy their desire to be beautiful. That’s why the Korean cosmetics company has launched its own brand “Dr.Deep,” which is based on natural minerals and herb extracts instead of artificial chemicals, fragrance and preservatives. Well aware that beauty results from healthy skin, Dr.Deep brand provides skin care products which have come to life from pure nature are formulated with natural minerals and herbs, making them the skin care products for the whole family including children to share together. The main ionic minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, selenium, etc. go deep into the skin and keep the skin hydrated, clear and healthy. Main products include Skin Toner, Re’al body Lotion and Multi Emulsion.

Multi Emulsion is formulated with various herbal ingredients, evening primrose oil and natural minerals. The mild moisturizer helps improves dry, sensitive or trouble skins.

Re’al Body Lotion helps improve itching that is related to dry skin. Formulated with natural minerals, it is effective in keeping the skin hydrated. It also contains natural oil and shea butter soothes skin irritation. It is also free from artificial chemicals, fragrance and SLS. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Healthy and Beautiful Skin through Product Quality and Technology

Mosp Skincare & Makeup

The Mosp product line consists of skincare, makeup and homme line-up. The Mosp brand uses amazing vegetables found in high altitude of cool regions, and Mosp cosmetics contain abundant minerals and vitamins extracted from vegetables for natural and healthy skin. Main ingredients are tomato extract for inhibiting skin aging, carrot extract for a soft and healthy skin, yellow paprika extract for anti-skin trouble and clean skin, broccoli extract for skin soothing and skin metabolism, and eggplant extract for supplying nutrients to the skin and to prevent freckles. In the makeup line, products are perfect blemish moisture balm, face vita loose powder, face vita brightening pact, luminous moisturizing CC cream and others. line consists of skin brightening dreamed booster, skin brightening essential dew, great face calmer, face dirt remover & pore cleanser, magical sleeping gel cream, UV avoider SPF 45, and the body vital moisture mist. Also, smile men brightening toner and the smile men essential emulsion are included in the homme line. The brand name Mosp is a Korean word, which refers to one’s image made up of not only the appearance, but also the attitudes and feelings. Mosp is natural skincare with precious and rare ingredients, for the healthiness and freshness of your skin.


More Details

  • Brand(Model) : Mosp
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Hanacos Co., LTD was established in 2002, and specializes in the development and manufacture of cosmetics in OEM and ODM. The company doesn’t produce any indistinctive standardized ready-made goods. Hanacos produce soulful products that attract customer’s choice with expectation and all members of the company value our customer’s needs- innovative but safe products. Through continuous R&D in developing new cosmetic concepts and products, Hanacos Co., LTD had been acknowledged not only domestically, but also had been acknowledged in many foreign countries. As a result, products had been exported to many countries, including Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, UK, Russia, Middle East countries, and to Central and South American countries.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • The biggest advantage of Hanacos Co., LTD is the active investment and continuous efforts in R&D. The researchers of the company combines science to the high-quality raw materials to create new cosmetic concepts and products. Also, the head office of Hanacos is located in Gangwon-do, which is the cleanest area in Korea, and the company uses natural water from 250 meters underground, for manufacturing cosmetic products following strict purifying processes.
  • Hanacos Co., Ltd. takes pride itself in excellent quality control. In 2002, Hanacos Co., Ltd. was selected as quality management excellent company by Seoul KFDA and certified for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) by Korea Cosmetic Association in 2008. Hanacos Co., Ltd. acquired the certification of KS Q ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008 (based on ISO 22716:2007).
    certification | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods