The Brand Leader of Korea’s Wild Ginseng Products

An enterprise specializing in health foods, which has released a product made by blending wild ginseng with Gongjindan and Gyeongokgo [Cheongchungo].


An Enterprise Specializing in Health Foods of Excellent Quality

[INQ. NO. 1709C30] SamDawon Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in health foods, which has released a product made by blending wild ginseng with Gongjindan and Gyeongokgo [Cheongchungo], one of the three good medicines of China, by fermenting wild ginseng to increase saponin content and the absorption rate by the human body.
Wild ginseng, the main ingredient of Gongjindan, which is made by the wild ginseng expert Chang Mansoon of SamDawon, is a specially treated forest product that passed the quality test and received a certification from the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute. It is very popular in spite of its higher price compared with that of other products.


A Leader of Corporatization, Globalization and Scientification of Forestry

The CEO Chang Mansoon was not simply satisfied with wild ginseng. He established Samdwon, an agricultural corporation which aims for the corporatization, globalization and scientification of forestry.
The CEO, who was studying the method of adding value to wild ginseng, has developed the wild ginsengGongjindan and Gyeongokgo [Cheongchungo], a traditional health food made by using fermented wild ginseng. He finished his preparations for letting the world know more about the excellence of Korean wild ginseng by processing and commercializing wild ginseng, and acquiring strict international certifications.
To develop the market and export the products, he participated in diverse international expos and worked in the field. As a result, the company is now leading the export of forest products and development of forestry as it is supplying SamDawon’s products to the in-flight duty free shop of Asiana Airlines, as well as that of Air Seoul, Silla Duty free Shop, SM Duty-free Shop and Galleria Duty-free Shop Especially, among SamDawon’s products, Gongjindan, which is sold in the in-flight duty-free shop of Asiana Airlines, was once selected as the best product for Chinese customers, and the product Gongjindan is used as a present for the executives of Samsung Group at Samsung Welstory. In addition, as it is used as a high-class gift for the overseas summits and domestic VIPs, it is recognized as a masterpiece product representing Korea.


The Birth of a Masterpiece Where the Traditional Culture and Contemporary Culture Coexist

The first thing we should do to globalize forestry was developing excellent products. Mr. Chang began to develop the products while aiming to win by making masterpieces which represent Korea.
Especially, the CEO tried to develop a product with the best value through industry-academia cooperation while producing Gongjindan and Gyeongokgo [Cheongchungo], the fruit of Korean ancestors’ wisdom, in a traditional way. As a result, SamDawon has made a traditional health food which can be consumed by anyone regardless of physical constitution and age by doubling up the human absorption rate, increasing Rg3 and Rh1 saponin content and creating Compound-K special active saponin by using the patented fermenting technology for wild ginseng.
The CEO Chang explained, “We always use the best materials. We have raised immunity with wild ginseng grown in nature, strengthening the bone structure with Russian antler powder, and made it possible to improve people’s health by adding fermented wild ginseng, aloeswood, angelica root, cornus fruit and ripened Jeju honey that control the balance of all materials.We retain the efficacy of the raw materials as much as possible, and we are producing products by processing the material using the patented fermentation technology.Especially, Compound-K, a saponin created in the process of fermenting wild ginseng, is a unique byproduct which helps the human body to absorb nutrients fast and efficiently, together with the bile secreted through the intestine.” SamDawon’s Gongjindan of the wild ginseng is exported to China and East Asia in 100P, 30P, and 10P packaging.


‘The Wild Ginseng Expert Chang Mansoon’s Healing Center’ will be Opened to Take an Active Role in Social Contribution Activities

SamDawon is planning to operate a healing center of the wild ginseng expert Mr. Chang at Mt. Chilhyeonsan located in Hannam, one of the 13 veins of Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, to provide a natural therapy program away from industrialized civilization.
On the other hand, CEO Chang is actively involved in social contribution activities including a scholarship project. He established a scholarship foundation called ‘Anseong Sarang Scholarship Committee’ in 1998 in cooperation with entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers of the Anseong region, and has been paying tuitions and other expenses of underprivileged children by selecting eight students every year, even after 20 years. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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