Rockpid is a functional health food certified by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. PLAG, the main ingredient of Rockpid, is a naturally duplicated single compound which originally exists in natural deer antler. Unlike other ordinary health supplements,

Liver supplement produced by Bionutrigen Co., Ltd. is a tea product made with JBB20, a liver supplement substance. It is more effective than the existing medicines in improving liver health. It also has a hangover relieving effect that Silymarine does not have.
Slim&Slim is a diet tea made with an anti-obesity food substance extracted from vegetables, fruits,

Healthy Yam Meal is made of alpha rice powder, black rice, yam, peanut, nonglutinous rice, rye, bean, corn, brown rice, glutinous rice, African millet, black sesame, perilla, glutinous millet, black bean, adlay, corn starch, vegetable creamer, processed peanut powder, glucose, and salt. It prevents hypertension, supplements