Premium Sitting Cushion is the world’s best auto care products enterprise. Its eco-friendly products, deriving from the company’s commitment to caring for its customers, society and the environment, have paved the way for its success in the market. Bullsone’s diverse brands and its new, fresh approach to marketing have helped the company win the hearts and minds of customers while forging ahead into the global market.
Bullsone has launched Balanceseat™, a healthcare product, adding a new portfolio in addition to auto care products.



Balanceseat™ is a premium sitting cushion made by using patented Double-layer Honeycomb Technology™ with high elastic polymer, Veta-Gel. It is a functional seat that is comfortable even for lengthy seating, with its optimal design to prevent sweating and to assist correct posture.
Veta-gel is 99.9% antibacterial high-elasticity special polymer combined with the skin irritation free safe oil that is used in cosmetics and patented double-layered honeycomb structure. It features excellent elasticity and the elastic restoring properties of Veta-Gel disperse pressure forced by weight and absorb external impacts and fine vibrations. The Air-Pumping effect by respective Air-Cell in hexagonal pillar which keeping air bound of Double Layers Honeycomb Veta-Gel naturally discharges the used (warmed) air and inhaling fresh air by movement of the body on the Balanceseat™.
Balanceseat™ is designed for body shape ergonomically. It supports correct pelvis position in an optimal posture. High elastic Veta-Gel is perfectly fitting user’s pelvis and posture even in very slight movements. All edges are rounded placed under the user’s thighs for keeping an optimal posture.
The outstanding elasticity disperses shock and absorbs micro vibration while driving a car which reduces muscle fatigue in the legs, back and neck. Balanceseat™ can be washed with water easily and is also highly durable and thermostable at high temperatures of up to 70˚C, which is similar to the temperature within a car in the hot summer.
Along with the cushion and pillow that are currently available, the Balanceseat™ mat will be added to the product line-up in the near future. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods