Skin & Health Care Products in 2011, Cheng Cheng International Co., Ltd., manufactures baby care products, oral care products, and beauty products as OEM. All the products by Cheng Cheng International are produced under strict and systematic quality control and exported worldwide. Despite its short history, Cheng Cheng International has successfully entered the prominent mega stores in China such as Carrefour and Century Mart. With its headquarters in South Korea and branches and logistics centers in China, the company has further extended its exports to Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and European countries.


AGA-AE Take Care Of My Kid’s Clothes Laundry Detergent

This product contains natural and organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT. The four steps of natural antibacteria and of skin care system protect a baby’s sensitive skin. Its patented ingredients including 100% vegetable extract SLS also help to prevent atopy and allergies.


APATITE Toothpaste Series

Featuring an open-andclose design, it shows package and contents at the same time It is certified by FDA for safety and effects (Newchito plus1, Apatite, and EsirinX). APATITE Toothpaste Series consists of five types: APATITE Whitening – Hydroxyapatite’s coating effect makes your teeth brighter, APATITE Newchito Plus-1 – No. 1 toothpaste for gum disease in pharmacy field, steady top seller item over ten years, APATITE Esirin-X – Tricalcium phosphate controls and prevents tooth pain prescribing soft abrading agent and ingredient for sensitive tooth, APATITE Plaque Care – It removes tartar and plaque that may cause serious oral disease, and APATITE Denta Care – Anti-bacterial prescription, interrupt the main cause of bad breath, bacteria and germs in the mouth.


AGA-AE Poror Calendula Aroma Moisture Cream

This pure and mild cream contains eight natural herbal extract ingredients with no toxic chemical compositions. Containing 3,000 ppm/100g of active calendula, it recovers damaged skin while the aloe vera ingredient provides moisturization. AGA-AE Poror Calendula Aroma Moisture Cream treats the excessive sebum and dryness and protects the skin with no stickiness | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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