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Health Drink

[INQ. NO. 1805C17] Wellfarm Co., Ltd. is a professional Korean manufacturer of health drinks. Equipped with advanced production facilities, the company produces many different Korean beverages, such as health drinks, fresh juices, and concentrated fruit juices to suit consumers’ changing…

Hydraulic Breakers

Since its establishment in 2004, Ace Hammer Co., Ltd. developed its brand in the local market, and soon its products were mostly welcomed by overseas customers. Despite its humble beginnings, when the company started to export its goods on an OEM

Cosmetics OEM/ODM Service

Cosmecca Korea-cosmetic

  Cosmecca Korea Co., Ltd. is one of the leading cosmetics OEM/ODM/OGM companies in Korea that has engaged in research, development, and manufacture of functional cosmetics since 1999. The company provides a wide range of product lines, including skincare (cleansing,…