Swing Chair & Horse Swing

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1801C09] Designpark Corp. is a leading manufacturer of outdoor fitness, playground, water sports equipment, and leisure products. Having developed outdoor fitness and self-powered fitness equipment for the first time, the company is leading the Korean fitness facility manufacturing industry. It is also a pioneer in introducing the first-ever manual board for outdoor fitness equipment and specialized designs for construction companies.
Its brand new Swing Bench is an extraordinary product for which Designpark obtained patents for the driving mechanism. Swinging motion can be created by just a simple push on the footrest, rather than the whole body movement. It thus offers great relaxation for users.
The Horse Swing was designed to encourage kids to have fun playing actively like they do outdoors. The patented driving mechanism of the swing horse allows kids to have an exciting and special play experience. Best quality materials are used such as durable metal frames, comforting PU seats, and birchwood body with eco-friendly powder coating. It is also easy to perform maintenance.


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