Casual Lightweight Padding Jacket

Casual Lightweight Padding Jacket[INQ. NO. 1801C06] W.ANGLE, a golf wear brand with Scandinavian influence, has introduced a lightweight padding jacket in a casual style that can be worn from late autumn to winter season.
The W.ANGLE padding jacket comes not only with a slim design to add glamour to the body line but is light and stretchable as well as warm. It is a highly useful item in everyday life when the temperature is falling sharply.
Men’s lines include the Casual Lightweight Padding Jacket with jersey-sewn patches on the sideline to enhance athleticism and Color Stretch Lightweight Down Jacket with 90% goose down in the imported lightweight stretch material.
The Casual Lightweight Padding Jacket is light and comfortable to wear as its outer material, lining, and filling material are made in one unit. The coloring point from the shoulder to the sleeve line enables casual and stylish expression. Using quilted designs with a clean 4-way stretch material, the Color Stretch Lightweight Down Jacket can be worn casually as well as outdoors.
The High-frequency Quilted Padding Jacket features a simple and stylish design for fashion-conscious women. Finished with bands, its wrists and waist effectively protect the body against cold winds expressing a slim look. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods