Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products[INQ. NO. 1802C24] NJYBIOTECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the development of new materials for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth by using a combination of multiple herbal extracts for the past 15 years. Eventually having its effects and safety confirmed and verified through clinical tests on animals and human bodies, the company established a corporate laboratory for consistent R&D and manufacturing better products. NJY is now developing brand lines based on these exclusive technologies and manufactures high-quality cosmetics for its OEM and ODM worldwide.
ABELMO, made of natural plant extracts, has excellent absorbing power to help nourish hair follicles and roots, and maximize the effect on hair loss Eco-Friendly Hair Care Productsprevention and hair growth by removing various wastes causing itchiness and hair loss and soothing the scalp.
ATOBEAUTY, made of eco-friendly plant components without any medical components, helps regeneration of skin cells by preventing oxidation of skin components and has excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects for relieving itchiness, soothing skin, and maintaining weak and sensitive skin in a safe, soft, and moist state. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods