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Premium Cosmetic Ingredient

V2G (Ascorbyl glucoside) is made from stabilized Vitamin C derivatives, featuring excellent skin absorption, easy formulation and offering various efficacies including skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, and anti-oxidation. V2G is a conjugate

Ginseng Berry Product

Ginseng Berry Korea manufactures products made from ginseng fruit. Focusing on the efficacy of ginseng fruit, the company is devoted to R&D to deliver deep and rich flavor and efficacy through its own special production

Natural Liquid Soap

Hwa Myung Bio began as an importer and distributor of raw materials for cosmetics in 2004 and has ever since been devoted to R&D on cosmetic materials and finished cosmetic product formulations. The company’s major business includes import and distribution of cosmetics raw materials, development of

Train Simulator

Innosimulation’s SIMREX FTS is a highperformance train-operator training simulator developed with a focus on preventive drills to train operators and enable them to respond quickly to emergencies.
SIMREX FTS is a full-featured train simulator that provides a highly reliable

Specially Blended Tea Bags

Look Our Tea, produced by Resh Co., Ltd., is a tea bag that retains the tea leaves without crushing them in order to maintain the original taste and aroma of tea leaves. Using carefully selected tea leaves and herbs from all over the world, this Korean casual tea brand offers a wide […]

High-quality Deli Meats

Since 1987, S Food has been the most preferred processed meat supplier of food services companies in Korea. The company continuously seeks to be a top-class meat processor with excellent product quality, R&D capabilities, production facilities and quality assurance program […]

Multifunctional Water & Milk Enhancer

Founded in 2012, Supernaturals Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of beverage and food products and has developed and exported various water enhancers and milk enhancers. Supernaturals is engaged in R&D of a beverage base containing a high concentration of ingredients that are beneficial to and it is a beverage base with excellent taste.

Commercial and Industrial Steamers

Commercial and Industrial Steamers [INQ. NO. 1801M11] SJE Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial cleaning machines. SJE was established in 1991 in Busan, Republic of Korea. It had started importing and selling industrial high pressure washers from…

Toy Robot Kit

Toy Robot Kit [INQ. NO. 1803C23] Goldrabbit Co., Ltd. is an IoT robot development company established in March 2013. This technology-intensive, Korean start-up business, consisting of hardware and software developers, has been engaged in R&D of robot toy kits for…

Natural Antibacterial Soap

Natural Antibacterial Soap [INQ. NO. 1803C21] Bethel Korea Co., Ltd. specializes in the R&D of health foods and personal care products that are using phytoncide which is extracted from the Korean native pine as a core ingredient. Under the catchphrase,…

Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products [INQ. NO. 1802C24] NJYBIOTECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the development of new materials for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth by using a combination of multiple herbal extracts for the past 15 years.…

Traditional Korean Healthy Food

Traditional Korean Healthy Food [INQ. NO. 1802C03] Founded in 2013, HEPY develops and produces Korean traditional foods that are healthy and safe by using natural ingredients. Oriental medicine experts in Korea are engaged in R&D under the motto “Healthy &…

KOBA 2014

The convergence of the digital and broadcasting/sound/lighting industries is expanding into the integral industry covering diverse fields ranging from mobile, IT, medical, film, game, tourism and animation to education, drawing keen attention as a future growth engine. For this reason,…